Honoring leadership that lifts the arc of progress in Indiana

            Mitch Daniels’ tenure as governor was a marked by impressive achievements.  Each was significant for its contribution to moving Indiana forward; all together, they signaled that Indiana is a state whose people are ambitious to be the best.
            The Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation is created in honor and affirmation of the service of Indiana’s 49th governor.  The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage leadership that refuses to accept the status quo as good enough, constantly aims higher, and executes courageously resulting in lifting the arc of progress in Indiana. 



The Daniels Prize jury represents a group of accomplished leaders whose own contributions to Indiana are widely acknowledged.


Second Inaugural Address
January 12, 2009
     “A new mentality has taken root, a new boldness born of risks successfully run and change successfully delivered.  In overwhelming numbers, Hoosiers have declared that we are unafraid to lead, to try the new before others do, and that we like the results of doing so.
     No more will historians write that we are backward and out of step.  That we are “gradualists” who prefer to keep to “the more secure edge of the river.”

   In dramatic contradiction of old stereotypes, Hoosiers have announced emphatically to a world that belongs to the creative and nimble, where fortune truly favors the bold, that we not only accept change but are prepared to lead it, and invite the rest of America to follow us.”

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Solso Continuous Champion of Education


The Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation awarded transformative educator Earl Martin Phalen as its first recipient of a $50,000 grant and Tim Solso, retired chairman and CEO of Cummins, Inc. as the inaugural recipient of the Daniels Prize at an awards dinner at the J.W. Marriott in Downtown
Indianapolis on Thursday, October 24, 2013.