Refund Policy

All credit card donations and ticket purchases for events made to Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation, Inc. (the “Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation”) via the website (the “Site”) and are subject to this refund policy.


Generally, the Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation does not provide refunds for donations or tickets purchased for events made through the Site. However, in the event that a party makes a donation or purchases an event ticket with a genuine mistake (i.e. typographical error on quantity), we will work with the party to correct the mistake by issuing a refund. Please contact the Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation directly if you have made such a mistake.

The Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation utilizes Authorize.Net® as its third party payment processor for all credit card transactions through the Site. Please review our Privacy Statement to learn more about how information is collected, used, and transferred to third parties via the Site.