Mitch Daniels

The constant call for Indiana to lead ...

January 10, 2005, Inaugural Address
"We offered ourselves as a people of change.  We urged our fellow citizens to aim higher, to expect more from our state government, but also from our schools, our businesses and, ultimately, from ourselves.  We tried to hold up the prospect of an era in which we would leave behind old arguments for new solutions, provincialism for unified purpose, timidity and caution for boldness and even risk-taking, all with the goal of restoring our state as a place of prosperity and promise."
2005 State of the State Address
“We must shake free of the tendency to mistake the edge of the rut for the horizon.  Breaking with business as usual is never comfortable, but once accomplished it is exhilarating.  It would be disappointing – no, it would be disgraceful – to procrastinate and paper over these festering problems when we can deal with them decisively, and position our state for greatness. 

It is given to few people to be where we are, in a position to change the course of an entire state from drift and decline to purpose and progress.  Let any errors be errors of action, not timidity.  We must not allow indecision, the thief of opportunity, to rob us of the courage to move aggressively. “
2006 State of the State Address
"Momentum for change has been established in Indiana. We have  already taken steps people said were not possible.  This is no time to rest, let alone pull up lame.  We must gather confidence and courage from the fast start behind us and head straight for the next set of goals …  We cannot accept mediocrity or middle of the pack status in any realm.  We must think big, aim high, and act boldly.
Let’s move, let’s act, … confident that we are a state whose potential exceeds its performance, determined that “good enough” never is, that catching up is merely a start, that true greatness lies ahead."
2007 State of the State Address
“Inaction is not an option.  Doing nothing has huge costs.  Today’s world leaves in the dust those who stand still. 

Indiana in 2007 is alive with promise.  It is history’s assignment to the few of us here to summon the imagination, the courage, and the bipartisanship to maximize that promise for the six million Hoosiers who hired us to do the public’s business for them.”
2008 State of the State Address
“Top tier rankings and regional leadership are not enough.  Indiana aims higher these days.  We pause for satisfaction only when we hit the very top

My fondest hope for this era in which we live is that we are becoming a braver Indiana: unafraid of competition, unafraid of new ideas, unafraid of change.  And always brave in the attempt to take long steps for big goals.”
January 12, 2009 Second Inaugural Address
      “A new mentality has taken root, a new boldness born of risks successfully run and change successfully delivered.  In overwhelming numbers, Hoosiers have declared that we are unafraid to lead, to try the new before others do, and that we like the results of doing so.

      No more will historians write that we are backward and out of step.  That we are “gradualists” who prefer to keep to “the more secure edge of the river.”

       In dramatic contradiction of old stereotypes, Hoosiers have announced emphatically to a world that belongs to the creative and nimble, where fortune truly favors the bold, that we not only accept change but are prepared to lead it, and invite the rest of America to follow us.”

2009 State of the State Address
     "But tough times are also times for differentiating, for separating winners from whiners, the brave from the weak of will.  In down markets, good businesses capture share from weaker ones.  In high seas, the best crews bring their ships to port safely, and first.

We must never miss a chance to move, to make improvements, to modernize.  Doing so while others are paralyzed will demonstrate yet again that ours is a state where change is much more than a slogan.  A state that faces forward, fearlessly.  A state to whom the future belongs.”
2010 State of the State Address
"That we gather tonight in difficulty but not crisis, stress but not disaster, is small consolation.  …
But we must recognize that the way we do our duty today is about more than just muddling through the short term better than the next guy.  It’s about lengthening our competitive economic edge. 

A tea bag’s strength is revealed in hot water.  So far, we have stood up to this recession’s heat with a strength reflecting the sturdy character of Hoosiers. 

Let’s conduct ourselves so that a year from tonight America sees in its fullness what it now sees in part: that there is a special place in our land where hard times are met with resolve; where government is the people’s servant not a privileged class; where bucks are not passed, decisions are not ducked and where scarce dollars are allocated as adults do, to first things first.”
2011 State of the State Address
     “In no realm is our opportunity larger than in the critical task of educating our children.  The need for major improvement, and the chance for achieving it, is so enormous tonight that opportunity rises to the level of duty. 

Some seek change in education on economic grounds and they are right.  To win and hold a family-supporting job, our kids will need to know much more than their parents did.  I have seen the future competition, every time I go abroad in search of new jobs for our state, in the young people of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China.  Let me tell you—those kids are good.  They ought to be.  They are in school, not 180 days a year like here, but 210, 220, 230 days a year.  By the end of high school, they have benefited from two or three years more education than Hoosier students.  And along the way they have taken harder classes.
There is no time to wait. …  One thing is certain.  The rest of the world will not wait on us.”
2012 State of the State Address
     “There are few subjects more studied, or more intriguing, than leadership.  Leaders come in many forms ...  But some qualities are common among them, and one is that leaders never loaf.  They never slip into complacency, settle for things as they are, or stop pursing innovation and excellence of result.

This administration will not loaf.  We have made out a long list of self-assignments for our eighth and final year.

I carried here from its place on my desk an atomic clock ...  It sits directly in front of me, each day counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until I turn over these duties and return to private life.  It is there to remind me to use every moment as well as I can to make Indiana a place of greater promise and prosperity.  Silently, it challenges me to search each day for the next improvement, the next efficiency, the next breakthrough, the next stroke of Indiana leadership.”

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