Darren Keller

Vice Chairman, Brown Legacy Group, LLC
CEO, Keystone Water Company, LLC
President, Global Capital Finance, LLC
Mr. Keller focuses much of his efforts in his role as Vice Chairman of Brown Legacy Group, LLC, a private business office focused on the growth and development of private enterprises mainly in healthcare, as well as on his role as a member of the Board and Executive Committee of Cancer Treatment Centers of America. In these capacities, he acts as a steward in protecting and promoting the culture of the shareholder groups he represents. By fostering accountability, integrity and respect in and amongst stakeholders and the enterprises it serves, Brown Legacy Group is a catalyst for communication and innovation. Much of his current focus is in the precision medicine space to drive the most personalized, patient empowered care to each and every patient on his or her terms.
Mr. Keller holds a bachelor of arts degree from DePauw University, as well as, a master of business administration from the University of Notre Dame. He was a proud recipient of many scholarships, including the community service based award known as the Bonner Scholarship at DePauw University. He also served for several organizations, including social and philanthropic chairman for Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, member of DePauw University’s Social Responsibilities Committee and participant in DePauw’s work-study program. Throughout his high school and college career, Mr. Keller is quite proud to report he held regular employment.
Currently, he is a member of various social organizations, including Barrington Masonic Lodge Number 522 in Barrington IL, The Scottish Rite, The Shriners and The York Rite.
Most importantly, Mr. Keller has a loving wife, two beautiful daughters, and two endearing sons.